At Vitali, we offer different services but have only one mission: The Perfect Delivery

Apps & Websites

If you need to connect with your audience online, you need to do it the right way. Our team has years of experience making amazing websites and world-class mobile apps for all your needs.

Growth hacking

Have a great offer but not getting enough visitors? Our digital marketing experience across SEO, SEM, social media and all the other tools can give your business the visibility it really deserves.


Growing your e-commerce business can be exciting but it can also be challenging to navigate the treacherous waters of the industry! Amazon, eBay, Wish, we've worked with them all and we know how to quickly make the most of them.

Unleashing the power of China…

The real advantage of Vitali is that we are based in China, some of our founding members are Chinese, and we are specialised in the Chinese digital landscape. Facebook? Amazon? Google? Forget all about them and try Wechat, Tmall and Baidu. Even hosting a website in China is considerably different to one outside of it. If you want to operate or are already operating in China and you need specialists to increase your visibility in the world’s biggest market, you’ve come to the right place.

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Our team has tons of experience, but also stays in touch with the latest trends online, which change incredibly quickly!
Vita Xia

Vita Xia

China Marketing Specialist

Vita hails from Sichuan in Western China although she's travelled the world back and forth. She has a deep understanding of Chinese consumers and their behavior online, and will help you navigate the cultural divides with ease.

Jeremy Welburn

Jeremy Welburn

International Marketing Strategist

Jeremy has been working for various companies before setting up Vitali as one of the founding members. He'll tailor a marketing strategy that fits your business perfectly so that you can connect with the right audience at the right time.

Boris Citas

Boris Citas

Technical Engineer

Boris is the technical wizard who can make your wildest dreams come true! He has plenty of experience in online projects and keeps everything running smoothly.

Deng Jun

Deng Jun

Logistics manager

Deng is the one who deals with all the logistics side of Vitali's business, which includes handling the merchandise that Vitali's ventures sell, but also the temporary operations in Europe and the USA.

We can do as much talking as we want but at the end of the day, our customers will say it best
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