About Us

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Vitali Limited is a Hong Kong company created in 2012 and built by a French-Chinese tandem. This allows us to fully understand Western clients’ requirements, while at the same time handling the major rifts they will have with Chinese suppliers or business partners.

You are a Western company that wants to source products in China but is unable to speak Chinese.

You are a Western company that wants to purchase equipment in China but cannot allocate the resources to find the right supplier, control quality and handle logistics.

You are a Western or Chinese company that needs a e-commerce or company website built, but has no idea where to start.

You are a Chinese company that wants to penetrate the international market and needs a marketing strategy adapted to Western clients.

Worry no longer! Vitali is about to become your most valuable business partner.

We believe companies should uphold certain values, and we are proud to believe in:

  • Delivering excellent products, virtual or physical
  • Providing excellent communication and customer service before, during and after each business deal
  • Offering the perfect delivery of our products, virtual or physical
  • Caring to the needs of every single one of our customers, no matter their size and volume of business

These are just a few of the reasons why each of our customers was 100% satisfied with our service!

Taking your business from Local to Global