Trading with China

Vitali Trading is a multinational team of young, dynamic and experienced professionals ready to serve you. We offer a wide range of services for your trading needs including:


Sourcing in ChinaSourcing in China

If you have an idea of a product you want, or one that is already available on the market, we can help you to do market research, product development and branding.

Finding the right supplier

This is possibly one of the most difficult steps. Many people attempt to buy from China, sometimes successfully, other times not. Having a team of native Chinese working for you will limit any chance of misunderstandings with suppliers, and will ensure you get the best and safest deal.

Production supervision

Another crucial step which absolutely requires a local presence. It is important to oversee the production of your goods in China to make sure that everything is being processed and produced in accordance with your specifications and requirements.

Quality check

International trading is strictly regulated and each country has it’s own principles. In order to avoid any nasty┬ásurprises once your shipment arrives, we offer quality control services which range from durability testing to chemical tests. This ensures a smooth process once the products arrive in your country, as well as once they are distributed to your customers.

Packaging and shipping

We offer a range of flexible freight forwarding including air and sea freight to adapt to your budget and schedule. Our close partnerships with leading logistics companies allow us to offer competitive pricing on both door to door shipping and maritime cargo.

Quality control services


We can offer competitive and quality services because we have the right connections with locals in China as well as in the USA, the UE, Eastern Europe and the Middle East, and our team of experienced sourcers and supply chain experts will guarantee a hassle-free experience!

Taking your business from Local to Global