IT & Programming

Vitali Technology offers you a wide range of IT&Programming solutions. We can provide a broad spectrum – from help to your homework tasks to developing professional projects. Our team has experience both in solving algorithmic tasks and doing professional Java projects (web or desktop). Our motto is “high quality – low prices”. Here you can find our really competitive offers.

IT packages

Windows/Ubuntu Linux

5 USD/hour

Microsoft Office/Open Office

8 USD/hour

Programming packages

Simple homework tasks

(1 day work, Java) – 5 USD/hour

Simple projects tasks

(2-7 days work, Java) – prepaid first day with discount of 50 % – 32 USD;
8 USD/hour

Average projects tasks

(1-2 weeks, Java, Java technologies) – prepaid – 50 USD;
10 USD/hour

Mid-term projects

(15 days-2 months, Java, Java technologies) – prepaid – 100 USD;
15 USD/hour

Long-term projects

(> 2 months, Java, Java technologies) – prepaid – 300 USD;
20 USD/hour

You will receive full statistic of the used-for-work hours to monitor exactly where your money are going!

For more details, please feel free to contact us at [email protected]

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